About Me

 Who am I?

I am from Brisbane’s north side and am a sole parent of three beautiful children aged between 17 and 7. I love being active and am currently training for a half marathon. I love keeping healthy and eating clean.  My children are attending the same schools that I went to which is quite nostalgic, especially having one of my teachers teaching two of my children. I have enjoyed being a stay at home mother and being actively involved in their classrooms. Participating in the classrooms inspired me to go back to university and studying education. I am specialising in early childhood and have one more unit to do after this one.

Why am I doing a blog?

I have created this blog as a requirement of a unit I am taking at USQ to help me reflect upon my learning journey with ICTs.

How do ICTs and I get along?

Hmmm……well I love ICTs when they work, I seem to be able to lose assignments or part of it into black holes, even when I do back it up. I have no idea what I do to them. I hope that this unit will help me to be more efficient and effective when using ICTs in all areas of my life. I could not live without my iPhone 6 plus, I just love everything about it.

What do I think about ICTs and pedagogy?

I believe that ICTs in the classroom will continue to becoming increasingly important and central to all children’s learning because, and as educators, we need to empower our students with the skills and knowledge to effectively participate and contribute to the world in which they live. ICT research indicates that ICTs positively effects student engagement, supports learning in a variety of ways, and is both a tool and process for new ways of thinking and learning (Meiers, 2009).

However, school planning, leadership and professional development are some of the key factors that have statistically significant relationship with ICT integration within learning and therefore can affect the degree in which individual teachers can embrace ICTs (W.A.). I believe that there needs to be a holistic balance and integration of ICTs into the curriculum, and traditional learning that involves listening, writing, reading, viewing, talking and interacting with texts and with others needs not to be  a forgotten skill.

What are my expectations for this course?

I am hoping to successfully complete this course, which will provide me with transferable skills and knowledge to navigate and incorporate ICTs into my daily life. I believe that this will help me to be more effective and efficient in all areas of my life, such as juggling motherhood, work and university. I am hoping that this course will support me in knowing how and when to effectively incorporate ICTs into the curriculum and daily learning.

I have only heard a few things about this course, that it is very challenging yet rewarding, that you need to have a lot of data available and that you need to be proactive in checking for viruses.


Teacher ICT Skills Evaluation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Knowledge and Skill Levels of Western Australian Government School Teachers. Evaluation and Accountability Department of Education and Training Western Australia.

Meiers, M. (2009). The use of ICTs in schools in the digital age: what does the research say? QCT Research Digest, 2009(4).

Thanks for reading and I look forward to collaborating with you all smile

Tracey Travis


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