Best apps for teachers

I can’t sleep so I thought I’d take advantage of the kids free time to do a search for the best apps for teachers. The first sit I came across was by Scholastic, which provides 50 Fab Apps for Teachers, and have sorted them into the different learning areas. I will definitely be trying some of these!


20 HELPFUL APPS FOR TEACHERS AND EDUCATORS is another blog by Digital Trends that recommends apps mainly for educators to assist them in organising and communicating with students and their caregivers.

I then stumbled upon this blog “Journey with an iPad” which was created by a primary French immersion teacher who is documenting her adventures of learning to use the iPad with her students. I really like this blog as it provides real learning activities that have been used in the classroom. Here she provides a ‘working’ list of the applications that she is using with her students.


After hours searching for apps to use whilst on prac I have realised how many tools are out their to support teachers in the classroom and to help transform students learning. I know that I will use some apps and that my lesson will not turn out as I expected it to go, but I do have to keep reminding myself that prac is for me to learn just as much as my students. I will learn through my mistakes!!


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