Getting ready for professional experience

Getting ready for prac

It is finally school holidays, however that does not mean that life will be an easier or more carefree. I have 3 amazing children, so life will be a bit more chaotic and busier with all the extra play dates and taxi runs.


On Wednesday, I was able to meet with my grade 1 mentor and her class. She seems to have very high expectations of her class on many different levels. Which I believe is a good thing when encouraged positively and effectively. her classroom has behaviour management that is reinforced with consequences that reminded me of my days in school……writing out lines at lunch time!

We also discussed the characteristics of the students, a little about the school and my previous prac experiences, being only at childcare centres. We discussed how different this will be compared to my previous prac placements, and I look forward to seeing if I do want to complete the extra year at uni so I can teach in schools. My mentor explained that each grade 1 teacher is responsible for planning one area of the curriculum and providing the lesson plans for these. They do use C2C as a resource that supports them to teach and assess the students.


I found an informative and helpful blog by Stephanie who shares her 10 Tips for student teachers on placement. Tips such as building relationships with your students and that you are there to learn. Here is a another link to a website by the NSW Teachers Federation that shares more Prac Teaching Survival Tips.

I would be interested if anyone else has some tips or advice before I head out into the real world of teaching.

Good luck everyone!


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