Intergrating IWBs into the classroom

How can an interactive whiteboard be used in a learning environment?


Interactive whiteboards are an effective way to engage with digital information and multimedia in a classroom environment. There is a plethora of learning activities that be used with an interactive whiteboard such as:

  • Manipulating text and images
  • Making notes in digital ink
  • Saving notes for later review by using e-mail, the Web or print
  • Viewing websites as a group
  • Demonstrating or using software at the front of a room without being tied to a computer
  • Creating digital lesson activities with templates, images and multimedia
  • Writing notes over educational video clips
  • Using presentation tools that are included with the whiteboard software to enhance learning materials
  • Showcasing student presentations

Below is a short video of how a kindergarten teacher uses the IWB to help the children learn about word families.“>

What skills can students learn from using and IWB?

Below are some examples of the many skills that students can obatin from using IWBs.

  • Promote the computer skills that students require for success in the 21st century.
  • Basic skills in word processing, graphics, multimedia, Internet and email, spreadsheets and databases.
  • Social and ethical issues can be explored and awareness raised.
  • Promotion of higher order thinking.
  • Searching skills.
  • Through the promotion of class discussions, students’ explanations and presentation skills are enhance.

In Rachel’s blog she provides a link to a very helpful website that has an extensive list of the advantages of IWB’s.

My next blog will discuss how students motivation can be affected by the positve inclusion of an IWB in the classroom.


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