Do IWBs affect student motivation?

Do IWBs affect student motivation?

Tahlia discusses the visually appealing benefits of the IWB in her blog , and how this increases motivation for visual learners. This prompted me to do a google search on the relationship between motivation and IWBs and I was surprised at the many research articles available to read. Most articles agree that when IWBs are used in the classroom, there is increased motivation in, for example:

Richardson (2002), states that “children are always enthusiastic and show heightened motivation when [an interactive whiteboard] is used in the classroom and … it causes greater attention and enthusiasm to participate and respond.”

Smith (2002) states that “students thought it was cool … [they] could take an active part in class teaching by coming up and demonstrating to the whole class, and [they] gained confidence in their skills by doing so.”

Cox et al. (2003) affirms, “Interactive whiteboards promote class discussions and [improve] pupils’ explanations and presentation skills.”

Bush et al. (2004). “made teaching more visual and learning more interactive, in turn encouraging greater participation from the pupils, improving their motivation and concentration.”


When I expanded my research, I found an article that explains how IWBs support intrinsically and extrinsically motivated students to promote their learning. For example:

  • Intrinsically motivated students will be keen to express their knowledge/skills on the IWB in front of their peers because they will be able to demonstrate their individual achievement.
  • Extrinsically motivated students are drawn by the “wow factor” of the IWB and will be motivated to engage with it as they will enjoy using the tool.


Thus, it is evident that when used effectively, IWBs can be an influential tool to support and transform students learning because of the positive effect they have on student engagement and motivation.


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