Information Literacy Theory

During one of my many searches I found an interesting article on “Information Literacy: Information Literacy Theory” on the City University London website. The article provides extensive information about Information Literacy (IL) and emphasises why IL is important for staff & students. The diagram below gives an overview of the Information Literacy Theory.


ANCIL (A New Curriculum for Information Literacy) is a research project that stresses the importance of both information literacy and digital literacy, and how teachers, librarians and educationalists can collaborate to embed these to enhance student and researcher experience and lifelong development.

ANCIL has a blog  that provides a wealth of information and resources such as the article on Information Literacy first aid. The aims of Information Literacy first aid are:

  • “Support the studentʼs immediate learning need
  • Prevent future learning needs from becoming critical incidents by promoting ʻtransferableʼ learning beyond the specific immediate need
  • Promote the empowerment of the student in proactively developing their own information literacy to the highest levels, and fulfilling their potential”

This article goes on to discuss an information literacy model that can support educators to assess studentʼs individual learning needs to encourage the student to develop holistic information literacy, on more than one level.

Below is a short video about IL.


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