How can teachers achieve quality ICT experiences?

I am feeling very overwhelmed and anxious about my upcoming professional experience and am constantly thinking about how I am going to incorporate quality ICT experiences into my teaching. Theen Moy discusses her nerves awell in her blog, and I assu6952925152_5f39a95349_bme most of us have a mixtures of emotions. 

I have stumbled across some articles online while completing assignment 2, and found this one to be particularly enlightening. “Rich ICT Learning Experiences: What Do They Look Like?” by Tessa Gray, an ICT Adviser, University of Waikato discusses how technological tools can be effectively integrated into the curriculum. Gray emphasises the role of schools and more significantly the role of the teacher in facilitating inspirational learning to occur when using ICT tools. As a final point, Gray attempts to categorise the possible principles to focus on when endeavouring to provide innovative learning experiences.

Gray highlights that teachers must:

  • “Identify the needs, interests and ability of the students
  • Have an understanding of the task
  • Identify the learning processes involved
  • Have first-hand knowledge of one or more software packages and it’s potential to achieve this goal
  • Provide opportunities for the children to explore the software through play
  • Have the ability to model the skills in context with guidance throughout the lesson
  • Identify criteria for visually creative or aesthetically pleasing possibilities
  • Envision multiple possible outcomes (often based on ideas stimulated from elsewhere)
  • Encourage choices and creative differences”.

I feel that I am going to need intensive training in the software before I walk into the classroom! I am fairly confident that YouTube will have training videos on the tools that the classroom has, I just hope my mentor returns my phone call soon so I can get started on this ominous task.

How is everyone else feeling about prac?


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