Applying the RAT to one of my learning activies.

In week 6 we were asked to apply the RAT to a learning activity. This was quite challenging as we needed to justify why this activity amplified and transformed the students learning.

Hree is my first attempt of this activity, I am not sure if I have got it right so I am open to all advice :).

Year level: Foundation

Learning area: English.

Learning objective: Construct texts using software including word processing programs (ACELY1654)

Learning experience (what will the students do): Students will respond to the text by analyzing the context (choosing a character and their role), description (of the character), evaluation (reason for your choice and explanation) and personal connection (I like… ). Personal responses scaffold students to make connections with their own experiences. Students will use skills, techniques, processes and technologies to create their personal response. Personal response will be created to be included in their e-portfolio (blog). Students will video tape themselves reading their personal  response and then share via project Noah which will be an opportunity to collaborate and receive feedback from another class from interstate.

SLIC         Replacement    Amplification  Transformation                           
Student Learning Students will videotape themselves and then use Project Noah to present their personal response to a larger audience virtually. Instead of using just paper and pencil. Students learning is amplified. ICT is used to introduce the students to a different way to demonstrate their knowledge and to enable collaboration with a virtual class. Students learning is transformed by allowing the children to use another way for presenting their personal response, which would have normally just been through pen and paper. Students are exposed to a different form of feedback from peers from a virtual class.
Instructional methods  The teacher needs to model and support students in using these new tools. The ICT tools also provides scaffolding to students. The teacher’s role has changed. Even though they still interact and engage the students by providing the students with the resources for learning, they have amplified their learning by teaching them new skills to demonstrate their capabilities, skills and knowledge. Transformation is occurring as students are able to record and present their presentation to fellow students, teacher, family and the virtual class. It transforms the mode to otherwise using pen paper, PowerPoint, or a story board app. Project Noah  also enables a variety of feedback and recognition for their hard work.
Curriculum goals Teacher is not the only person providing feedback to the student.  Teacher is broadening the way in which students can convey their knowledge and skills. Students can watch their presentation and can show and interact with family, friends and their virtual classmates.  By using these ICT tools, students are gaining 21st century skills whilst demonstrating and meeting English learning outcomes. The student’s gain the experience of presenting their work via a different mode. The students gain feedback from a variety of people exposing them to different perspectives and suggestions on how to improve their work for next time.

Thanks for reading!


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