Measuring the success of my ICT integration into my teaching area.

One part of this weeks (6) learning path is my personal reflection of how I could measure the success of my ICT integration into my teaching area. I was asked to stop and imagine that I have just taught some of the ICT enhanced learning experiences that I have planned.


I then had to answer the following questions:

  • How will you know if your use of ICTs in these learning experiences was successful?
  • How will you know if the use of ICTs you designed was good, brilliant, okay, or very limited?
  • What would success look like?

After reflecting upon how I would imagine my learning experiences would go, I have come to the hopeful conclusion that some of the following would determine my success of ICT integration into my teaching:

  • I will know that my students are authentically engaging and extending their learning and development by the level of student engagement, excitement and quality of learning.
  • I would ensure that the ICT be appropriate and suitable to the learning needs of my students. In addition to this, I would employ the Gradual Release of Responsibility teaching practice: I doWe doYou do. This will ensure that students are prepared to engage with the ICT and maximum benefits achieved.
  • I will know that the use of my chosen ICTs were good with the achievement of the learning outcomes and the increased confidence levels of students when utilising the ICT.
  • I believe that the ultimate measure of a successful learning experience can be measured by the level of autonomy that the students exhibit, that the students can work independently after appropriate scaffolding and know how to use the ICT, where to find the information and ask for guidance when required.

After I post my response to this activity, I will be able to view my peers’ responses to these questions. I can imagine that it will be very interesting to read all the different judgements/opinions that each of us have in relation to this. Liv in her blog suggested “students feedback on their learning”. This is a very relevant aspect of teaching as feedback helps us to grow and develop and to reflect upon aspects we have never considered.

Reflecting upon the broad scope of judgments that we all will have, I became more aware of the important role that educators have in observing and reflecting upon each learning experience to ensure the integration of ICT in the classroom is constructing and transforming for each individuals learning.

ICTs are an effective and alternative learning tool if used in the right context and if the users are actively engaged with them. Queensland College of Teachers Readers Digest published an interesting article which reports that “more substantial gains in pupil attainment are achievable where the use of ICT is planned, structured and integrated effectively”.


Education Queensland (2005) also affirms that ICTs can be used to enrich students, learning when tailored to accommodate the individual needs of students and focuses on the learning process. Education Queensland (2005) states, ‘Technology learning activities actively engage students in design challenges that enable them to develop a deep understanding of the processes and practices involved in the design and development of technological products.’
I am looking froward to reading more blogs regarding this topic, as I am sure there will be many more aspects that I have not considered.


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