Blogging and literacy skills development

I have been searching for how to integrate ICTs into the literacy curriculum. I found this blog “Primary Tech” which has been created by Kathleen Morris, a primary school teacher sharing resources, practical ideas and thoughts on blogging, global collaboration and technology integration me transliterate and to acquire the skills to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media, both traditional and digital.

Some of the benefits she discusses include:

  • Students are motivated to use their emerging writing skills,
  • Blogging makes writing purposeful, challenging, and real-to-life.
  • Blogging is an authentic way to teach both traditional reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as multi-modal 21st century skills.
  • Students can read fellow peers posts and then respond with a quality comment, practising their literacy goal.


Kathleen also offers suggestion on how to integrate blogging into the classroom such as building blogging into literacy rotations and creating digital portfolios.

Like Kathleen, I do believe that student blogging could be embedded into the classroom learning to transform literacy learning. Blogging can be a valuable learning experience for the students, as it is connected to their lives and world, purposeful and meaningful to them. In addition, all students would be able to succeed and learn at their own point of need.

Would you include blogging in your literacy curriculum to construct and transform their learning?


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