3 Key Trends in AV Technology for Schools

While I was surfing the net looking for information on ICTs in the classroom, I stumbled upon this very interesting and informative website, The Journal: Transforming Education Through Technology. 


3 Key Trends in AV Technology for Schools provides an enlightening vision on where audio visual technology is developing at quite a rapid pace. “According to Mike Tomei an independent audiovisual consultant who designs and installs AV systems for classrooms, “Classroom AV technology plays a big part in facilitating active learning environments.”

Due to the increased use of ICTs in the classroom, Tomei says it is imperative for the continual development of new products that support more active and collaborative learning. The article lists three key trends that show how technological companies are addressing this requirement:

  • Projectors and displays are becoming increasingly interactive, with more touch points to support multiple users at once. See below for an example how interactive projectors are used in a classroom.

  • New apps and devices allow multiple users to collaborate and share content wirelessly at the same time.
  • Web conferencing offers a versatile option for making video connections.

group conference

The article provides examples and links to further information to reflect upon. It is a little daunting at how quickly technologies are being updated and replaced and reinforces the importance of researching, participating and embracing ICT personal development. I’m not sure how you could personally stay on top of it in addition to all the other requirements of teaching.

Damien talks about trends for education in his blog and lists some very interesting facts, such as “In 2009 “blackboard” was in the top ten search trends.
– blackboard is an educational technology company. www.blackboard.com“.

Time will tell I guess………….What do you think? How are you going to stay ahead of the kids in your classroom?


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