Let’s have fun in early childhood!

In preparation of assignment 2, I have been Googling alot to find how to incorporate ICTs authentically into the early childhood classroom. In doing so, I found this helpful site, Early Childhood Teacher that was created by Bevin Reinen who is also teacher and writer. The page, ECE Technology: 10 Trending Tools for Teachers list the top 10 trending tech tools that early childhood teachers can use to attain better outcomes in the classroom.

ect website

Each trending tech tool provides links to diverse and age appropriate learning tasks that align with curriculum documents. It is beneficial to have access to resourceful websites like this because it is essential that educators educate themselves as integrating technology reinforces key technical skills needed by all to thrive in the 21st century.

Julia Cornwell states in her blog that “teacher’s are now accountable for transforming their ‘old’ pedagogy of  teaching, to one that is more current and engaging for today’s students, the digital natives. Teachers need to elevate the quality of learning through providing an environment that is relative to their students’ style of learning”.

Do you feel it is the responsibility of educators to train and educate themselves so they can incorporate ICTs into the classroom in a holistic and authentic way to provide their students with these necessary 21st century skills?


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