Yay!! Assignment one is complete :)

It feels amazing to have finally completed assignment one for EDC3100. YAY!! I feel like this……

4930552641_10d06245a2_n                  1834743910_1c016d324b_z

At the beginning of this course, I was overwhelmed with what I had to complete using technology. I honestly felt that I would not have been able to complete this assignment without a tutor or a computer expert! As Liz Smith said in her blog, “this course has been an exhausting drain. It is like five subjects piled into one”. I felt like this……


I did underestimate my capabilities and feel I have created an artefact that is creative and has incorporated several ICT tools such as Powtoon, emaze and Piktochart.

I have realised that technology need not be scary, nerve wrecking and overwhelming. If we embrace the challenge with an open mind and confidence, ICTs can be a springboard for its users to explore and heighten their knowledge, skills and creativity. Digital Futures in Teacher Education is an interesting website to explore and has examples of practices in the classroom.

I can say that I honestly understand the purpose of this course, and believe that Dave has made it explicitly clear that it is critical that we embrace the technology that shapes our world. To develop life-long learners in our classrooms, we must be life-long learners ourselves.

“Technology in the Classroom: 5 Undeniable Reasons to Embrace It” is another interesting read for all future educators and parents.


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