An example of a resource I found on Scootle was ARTS:LIVE which is an engaging, interactive teaching and learning platform for the arts curriculum. STORY STARTERS: Create a Photostory is a computer program in which a simple story can be told using only photos.


This is a link to photostory exoplaining how to use it in the classroom.

Children can experiment with the arrangement and order of the photos to observe how this can change the meaning of stories, especially the endings. 

This resource has many cross-curricular capabilities, however I would utilise this to scaffold Prep children with their English as described in the content descripors by ACARA on Scootle. In particular, to create “short texts to explore and record ideas using beginning writing knowledge, and for the year 1 content description on creating imaginative texts that use appropriate multimodal elements”.

In addition, I can see the value of using this resource to support students to organise the different parts of composing texts through speaking, writing and creating, and visual knowledge.

I believe that this is a fun and hands on way for young children to engage in the varying contexts of language. It is exposing them to a different way of learning the rules of language in an authentic way, empowering them with life-long and transferrable skills.

Language learning experts (Potter, 2012) recommend that it is important that children be exposed to language in meaningful, interesting ways and at their level. Using ICTs to promote the English curriculum is beneficial because it is fun, and avoids the pressure and tension from the classroom environment, whilst increasing motivation.

This activity supports the Australian Curriculum content descriptions:

Create short texts to explore, record and report ideas and events using familiar words and beginning writing knowledge (ACELY1651)


  • using image-making and beginning writing to represent characters and events in written, film and web-based texts
  • using speaking, writing and drawing to represent and communicate personal responses to ideas and events experienced through texts
  • creating short spoken, written and multimodal observations, recounts and descriptions, extending vocabulary and including some content-specific words in spoken and written texts
  • using beginning concepts about print, sound–letter and word knowledge and punctuation to create short texts

General capabilities

  • Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social competence
  • ICT competence

ScOT terms

  • Creating texts

Check out Scootle today!

Franc Potter, Understanding and Teaching the ICT National Curriculum. Routledge, 2012


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