Where have ICTs been used in my university studies to transform my learning experience?

I had to sit down with my USQ transcript and really think about which courses really developed and scaffolded my knowledge and interactions with ICTs.  It definitely has been a transformation over time, but ECE4023 Science and Technology, definitely exposed me to new ICTs. I was introduced to Prezi and after many late nights, I completed a presentation that incorporated images, music and text. Before this assignment, I had never created PowerPoint slides let alone a presentation. My learning journey continued to develop over the years and my thinking is continuing to transform towards ICTs and pedagogy.

After reflecting upon the question some more, I became aware that my engagement with ICTs during my university studies have changed my perspective of how ICTs can be utilised in the classroom. I have been able to incorporate some ICTs into the pre-prep room on my last prac, for example, I created a PowerPoint slide show and used the IWB. I have been able to engage with fellow uni students and teachers via private Facebook groups, YouTube videos and online Blackboard collaborative session.

Emily Leschke’s blog, which can be found at https://ylime77.wordpress.com/ provides a wonderful link to a resource ‘Roles of ICTs in Education and Development’. I would highly recommend that you have a read and reflect upon this wonderful world of ICTs.

An important fact to remember though is the rapid changing world of technology and   operating systems. Corporations like Apple, Google, and Microsoft create new and enhanced operating systems regularly to stay ahead of the competition and to improve the user experience. Change is inevitable and it is important that educators adapt and stay up to date with these new advances, as this is what the students are most likely being exposed to on a daily basis.

Have a look at this very interesting image about Facts About The 21st Century Classroom

The link can be found at http://edudemic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/21st_century_classroom.jpg

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